July 2022 Meeting

14 of us gathered on 2nd July at Barsham Village Hall where the usual mix of displayed locos, a layout, and work on models was in process. Here are a few photos from the day:-

Click on photos for larger image:

Richard built some 009 Society wagon kits, two Open Planked, and two Single Plank Wagons.
John was working on realistic tree armatures made using 0.7mm garden wire and liquid latex.
Barry displayed some O9 3D resin printed bodies by Floyd Kraemer, a Ruston & Hornsby, Simplex without and with cab, a Lister Rail Truck and Hudson side tipper wagon.
Bill was scratch-building a two-seat 10.25″ gauge coach in 1:16 which will also have a roof.
Two modes of transport travelling to the same destination on Dave’s Hong Kong tram layout “All Cars Stop Here”.

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