May 2022 Meeting

Another all-day Saturday meeting for us on 7th May at our base: Barsham Village Hall, where we will also be gathering on 4th June for a Running Day/Exhibition event – see our “Events” page for more details.

Here are some photos from Saturday:-

Bertie brought in three locos to display, this is Darjeeling & Himalaya Class C, 4-6-2, a 009 Backwoods kit.

….and a Class B, 0-4-0 also Backwoods

also this Baldwin ex WDLR 4-6-0 of 1916/7 by Gem.
Chris was finishing the construction of a 7mm goods shed for his planned O9 layout. The guttering and downpipes still to be fixed.

Above: Davids tiny HOe locos are powered by Tsugawa Yokou 5V “Super-Mini” loco chassis (Plaza Japan), the bodies being 3D printed at home. Also recently printed are these 08 Diesel bodies.

Graham brought along his O9 layout “Pye Rigg Works” for a run. “Drake” is seen delivering loco coal.
RT Models 009 Lister Rail Truck with Stenning Corris End Door Wagons displayed by Stuart.

The work tables:

Ray was building 009 wagons, the one in the foreground being a 009 Society RNAD Open.
Bill was still working on his 1:16 loco built into a wagon chassis, all working fine. He has now started on the bodywork.
Malcolm was painting 16mm 3d figure prints with his preferred medium, Alkyd Oil paints.
Geoff was building Chivers O-16.5 4-plank open wagons.

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