July 2020 Photo Meeting

Not a lot to report this month, but several nice models shown in the photos below.

During the month of June the Group also voted for the 2021 Group Challenge and it has been decided that we would scratch build or kitbash (beyond recognition) a Cattle/livestock Wagon for cattle, sheep, horses or pigs (can use a kit/RTR chassis). We require just the wagon, no diorama or other accessories.

Shapeways Southend Pier Toastrack Car in 009 by Dave for his New Walmington Pier layout. The roof will be fixed when the passengers have been glued in.
Jeremy has been working on some 0-16.5 stock built all from card using Tri-ang and Hornby chassis. At the rear is a Lima 0-4-0 shunter modified with a taller cab. The micro layout is 42″ x 10″ plus a fiddle yard and will be a vegetable processing plant with a small halt.

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