August 2020 Meeting

As Covid 19 restrictions are eased slightly, nine members met at a “test” meeting on August 15th in the paddock adjoining Barsham Village Hall – a sort of car boot meeting really. The weather was very mild, ideal for the meet, except a couple of light rain showers forced some of the models under cover for a few minutes. Richard and Sarah organised hand sanitisers and Covid 19 instructions.

Barry had put a lot of effort into collecting, sorting, listing, transporting and allocating James Corsi’s models. It is good to know that many of them will be put to good use now that he has sadly passed-on.

Click on small gallery images to enlarge…….

For the outdoor event, an outdoor model. This is Neville’s 45mm gauge diesel loco by IP Engineering.
Chris has re-started production on 09 scale tractor loco’s of the type that won him last years Challenge Trophy (right), using components from die-cast tractors (a Landini and a Soviet VTZ Universal BT3) and scratch-built chassis and cabs.
Graham displayed completed scenic baseboard 1 for his 09 scale layout “Raven Hill”, and some buildings for baseboard 2.
Barry’s van was full of items, many of James Corsi’s models, and his own recent purchases. We shared out some of the building materials that were left over.
Tony brought along several models for his first 009 project – 3D printed four-wheeled coaches and buildings, to be re-furbished.

Photo contributions August:-

It was good to receive a photo from Bill, who we have not seen for several months. This is the chassis of a 1:16 battery loco to run on 00 gauge track (representing 10.25″ gauge). He has scratch built a DPDT switch and also enlarged the die-cast chassis.
Under construction: Geoff is building a small 0 gauge 0-4-0 shunter for a standard gauge feeder to a coal drop for his narrow gauge line. As with all his other loco’s, it is radio controlled, the batteries are in the side tanks.

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