December 2019 Meeting

Wow, the December meeting on 3rd December was a real whirlwind. Lots of members attended with a couple of new faces too. I didn’t keep up with all the projects going on, and will add a few more notes later, but here is a flavour of the meeting in pictures.

This is Bill’s wonderful new loco in 1:16 scale, based on a Brian Clarke design.
Jim brought along his scratch built 009 Garratt loco. It runs on two Kato 103 chassis.
Martin has been adding to his Gn15 items. The Porter scratch built loco on a Smokey Joe chassis has been enhanced by parts from a cheap “Santa” toy train. The coach is an ideal toast-rack passenger vehicle from the same source, with uprights and roof added, the goods van is scratch built.
This is Graham’s 09 scale “module in a drawer”, a drawer placed on it’s front giving a scenic area of just over 20″ x 4.5″. A rigid LED strip has been added and lights the scene. The electrics have now been fitted, and scenery is now being added. A Unit Models diesel and prototype coach stands in the passenger platform while a Teebee 3D print steam loco gets refuelled.
Ray is building a 0-16.5 Smallbrook Studio “Echo ET” kit. To give a little variation, he has added a coal bunker to this loco.
Chris has built a few more scratch built goods vehicles for his 09 project. The excellently detailed loads by Skytrex give them even more interest.
Richard was running a selection of 009 “Beccles & Bungay Railway” stock on his small test track. A Shapeways Sheep/cattle wagon, two 009 Society wagons and 3D printed Brake Van are mainly shown here.

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