January 2020 Meeting

I believe I counted sixteen members attending on 4th January, quite a good turn-out. Many people were working on models, – wagons, coaches, buildings, details and layouts. We also had a fish and chip lunch and watched a couple of videos. Here are some photos:

OUR NEXT MEETING: Saturday 1st February, 10am to 4pm.

Chris was building some more (scratch built) 09 scale wagons, the glue is only just dry on the slatted wagon. The gold bells are a seasonal load!
Graham has finished his first 09 scale “module in a drawer” (as yet unnamed) and was test-running it and tweaking couplings. Here steam loco “Drake” is hauling a single short bogie coach, also recently completed.
Dave brought his New Walmington Pier layout. This is the busy Victorian scene at the end of the pier.

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