February 2022 Meeting

I believe we had about 15 members at out February meeting on the 12th. We kicked things off participating in the Barsham Big Breakfast event held at Barsham Village Hall to help raise funds for the hall. Very tasty too, and I’m sure we will be back again at a later date. Most of the group were using the day as modelling time and there were several models being made on the tables.

I was not feeling too good on the day, so here are some below-par photographs.

Click on smaller images to enlarge.

Many of the Group at the table just after a good breakfast.
HOn3 Porter kit by Toma Model Works displayed by Richard.
H0n30 freelance Plymouth diesel from Shapeways (Designer Lines of Character) hauling two bogie flats by Railway Recollections displayed by Richard.
Displayed here is much of Chris’s O9 goods stock. Those on the track are completed 4-wheeled stock all scratch built, along with loads. At the front, these bodies are his recent projects, all bogie vehicles.
Two 009 scale locos displayed by John. The bodies are 3D prints from Ebay (Tinweb) on Kato 109 chassis both now sitting on the complete fully-working electronic train turntable.
Alan was making a third 16mm Tin Turtle, the new one to be a fully armoured version.
Graham was displaying new models for his O9 scale stock. Two more mine tubs (Unit Models kits), a freelance full-cab diesel resin kit by Narrow Rails and two bogie coaches using Minicraft Vulcan kit coaches running on Dundas bogies.
A superb group of cottages built by Ray for his Lynton & Barnstaple inspired 009 layout.

Work Tables:-

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