April and May 2021 Photo Meetings

I am a bit behind with posts at present due to an annoying ailment, but as has become usual during restrictions we have had a photo meeting on the first Monday of each month. Here are a few selected photo’s from the April and May meetings with short descriptions. There has been a nice mix of locomotives, wagons, scenic features and layouts (built and also planned).


009 scale white metal Dinorwic wagon kits from RT Models from George B
16mm scale GVT tram loco by PDF Models, extra details yet to be added, from Bruce B
A start in construction of an O9 scale Minimum Gauge Models Lister Autotruck, from Graham.
O-16.5 Smallbrook Studio’s loco repainted, from Ray T.
6 new scratch-built wagons, on modified N gauge chassis in O9, from Chris.
Chris has also built this O-16.5 loco (sitting on a Hornby chassis) and a wagon using a Dapol 9ft OO gauge chassis, with three more wagons to follow.
Two wonderfully weathered HOn30 flat cars by Railway Collection, from Richard.
Richard also acquired this R-T-R Joe Works Shay, which is undergoing re-painting.
009 scale Roxey Mouldings “Hampton” loco on a modified Ibertren Chassis built for a friend, from Stewart.
SM32 cast concrete arch for the garden line, from Stuart


Four O-16.5 wagons by Chris, built and finished for use with a proposed tippler feature. Bodies are scratch built and run on shortened Dapol chassis.
A photo from Dave C of “New Walmington Pier”, 009 scale, with Southend Pier Toastrack cars 1 & 2 car 1, in Volk’s Railway teak livery and “Leader Car” No.2 in Southend Pier dark green.
This is a partially completed cast concrete kit for Andy Mc’s 16mm/ft “Crowfoot Light Railway” and stands 18″ from the ground level to the top of the castellations.


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