January 2021 Photo Meeting

As a “new normal” for the time-being here are a few photos from our January meet photo collection. One member, Bertie, also supplied two short videos of his Darjeeling & Himalayan Rly Class “B” and Class “C” locos just to prove they actually run….and they do, nicely.

The new English lockdown has just started as I write this, so it’s “keep-our-fingers-crossed time” in the hope that it will have a good effect on the Covid situation by a couple of months time.

Click on smaller images to enlarge if required

Malcolm also sent in this nice photo of three 009 locos he made in the 1980’s. A Gem Vari-kit, Meridian “Tallylyn”, and a Simplex.
Graham sent in this black and white image of “The Beacon Inn” on his Raven Hill 09 scale layout, as he has now started to add smaller details.

Geoff has built these two O-16.5 mineral wagons using plasticard on old Tri-Ang die-cast wagon chassis and filled with ballast.
Lastly, Dave’s photo of the shore end of “New Walmington Pier” with a Southend Pier Toastrack Car by Shapeways.

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