Group Challenges

NSNGM Challenge Trophy

Each year since the Group was formed we have held a “Group Challenge” for any member to build a model within set rules. The finished models are displayed at the annual Open Day Exhibition and visitors may vote for their favourite model.

In 2015 for our first Challenge the rules were to build an operational narrow gauge railway with a scenic area of two square foot. The layout could be of any shape as long as it fitted the criteria and there were no restrictions on the fiddle yard or off-scene areas to facilitate operation. Here are a few pictures of the 2015 entries:

Click on images to enlarge

In 2016 the challenge was to build a working narrow rail bus, either scratch built or modified from a kit or die cast vehicle:

In 2017 the rules were to “Build a narrow gauge rail-served building with a visible full interior”. For different reasons only three entries were received this year, Stuart presented a Gn15 scratch built garden building inspired by the village of Abergynolwyn where a line was used to carry away the “night soil” in wagons from the end of the gardens. Graham built a decaying 009 train shed/workshop including lighting effects with a rusty train gathering cobwebs while at night the “un-dead” play around on the train. Jim built a carriage repair workshop in 009 scale complete with all personnel and machinery, lathes, drills, stoves and office etc.

In 2018 the Challenge was to scratch build/kit bash an unusual item of rolling stock ie: not a standard van, wagon or coach. Again three entries were displayed – mostly scratch built:

In 2019 the Challenge was to “Build a working narrow gauge vehicle using a die-cast vehicle or vehicles.”

Graham used a 1960’s Matchbox Lesney TV service van to build a refreshment van completely fitted out. Stuart made a Seaton Tramway scale tram, Mike used a Lledo bus body to make workmans transport and Chris used a 7mm scale tractor to build a locomotive partly inspired by an original conversion by R. Hudson of Leeds, the rear tractor wheels form a wagon load. Richard used an Oxford Commer Lyons Ice Cream van and converted it to a track maintenance van. All run on Kato 103 chassis except the tack maintenance van which uses a Caramel Motor bogie

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