May 2019 Meeting at Great Eastern Models

In May we gathered in the upstairs room at Great Eastern Models where 5 layouts, one board under construction and one display stand could be viewed by customers of the shop. Many thanks to Great Eastern staff for their hospitality on the day.

Richard had a chance to give his 009 layout “Thurtey” a run. Here, an NS2f diesel hauls empty wagons away from the stone pier after depositing it’s load in the barge.
“Lark” crosses the road at “Ashfield Green” on Chris Seago’s 009 layout.
This was a first “public” display for Graham & Caroline Watling’s 009 layout “Shortwaite Hill”. Here, two Bagnall’s are seen at Shortwaite Station.
This is part of Bill Knight’s 1:16 scale scratch built shunting puzzle layout called “Little Ease”.
Stewart Green brought along his Nn3 scale Southwold Railway pizza layout “The Heronry”, which can be automatically operated or manually controlled.

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