2019 Group Challenge

At our 2019 Open Day in March we had six entries for this year’s Group Challenge which was to build a narrow gauge vehicle using a die-cast road vehicle (or vehicles). The Trophy was presented to Chris Seago for his Fordson Tractor locomotive in 09 scale.

Winner: A Fordson Tractor in 09 scale inspired by an original conversion by R. Hudson of Leeds. The rear wheels of the die-cast model have also been used as a wagon load.
A Diesel Mobile Refreshment van in 009 scale by Graham Watling, this uses a 1960’s Lesney Matchbox Toys TV Service Van. the interior is fully fitted with sink, shelves, tea cups and plates, a boiler and cakes. It runs on a Kato 104 4w chassis
A Narrow Gauge Tram in 009 scale by Stuart Hughes inspired by the Seaton Tramway in Devon, it is slightly under scale but seems to match Seatons’s scaled-down versions. Runs on a Kato 103 4w tram chassis.
A Railway Workmans Bus in 009 scale by Mike Swan. A Lledo bus body turned into workmens transport again running on a Kato 103 chassis.
A Maintenance of Way Van & Trailer in 009 by Richard Doe. Uses an Oxford Commer Q25 Lyons Ice Cream van with added exhaust, tow-bar, scribed side door and roof rack. Powered wit ha Caramel motor bogie fitted into the modified chassis.
…and “Santas Little Helpers in (approx) 009 scale by Jim Bamber. A conversion of a Christmas decoration with three small carriages. Runs on a Kato 103 chassis.

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