December 2021 Meeting

There were 13 members attend our December meeting in Barsham with a distinctly festive flavour – mince pies, cakes and Christmas novelty trains. It was nice to be able to use the village hall kitchen again after it had been renovated. Most people were working on models, but I did run and test my layout, plus a unique set of animated miniature scenes was displayed. Our next meeting will be in the afternoon only of January 8th 2022 from approx. 1pm to 4pm. Here are a few pictures from the day:

Click on smaller images to enlarge

Christmas madness from Stuart.
“Wonderwall” by Stewart: a series of animated miniature scenes. Entitled: Tovil Treacle Blenders, Beside the Seaside, The Windmill, Gandy Gorge, The Night before Christmas and Alpentor.
Two Bachmann 009 “Livingstone Thompson” (391-103) Ffestiniog Double-Fairlies appeared, this one from Barry.
Nigel was modifying a “00” loco body to run on a vintage Playcraft/Jouef chassis which run very well. These O-16.5 locos are two that he made a few years ago on the same type of chassis and it is hoped will run on an industrial layout in future.
Richard was working on 009 models, building some Colin Ashby/009 Society open wagons and putting a razor saw to a 3D printed tram loco to make it a more suitable height.
Graham brought along his table-top “Pye Rigg Works” O9 scale layout to test again, and along with it a new tram loco built using a Dapol Pug tank/boiler and footplate as a basis.
Alan was continuing to scratch build both 12mm and 16mm scale “Tin Turtle” armoured Simplex’s.
This mash-up of wires and circuits is a prototype circuit built by John for a 009 turntable which stops at tracks, isolates and changes polarity, all working quite well.

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