July 2021 Meeting

At last we were able to meet in our base venue, Barsham Village Hall, albeit with a few restrictions. There were five layouts displayed and running this time, which was nice to see, plus locomotives and stock of several different scales.

Here below are a few pictures taken on the day, click on images to enlarge.

Ray’s O-16.5 Smallbrook Studios kits recently re-painted and lined.
A Fletcher Jennings design in O-16.5 by Geoff built out of old scrap apart from the radio receiver. The chassis is from an old Hornby 0-6-0 tank cut down to give an 0-4-0.
A rural corner of Jim’s 009 layout “Hubbards Halt” that hasn’t been displayed for a year and a half.
A selection of G scale, 45mm gauge items from Neville including an IP Engineering Jessie 0-4-0
Suart’s Gn15 “Great Eastern Boxfile Challenge” entry.
Back in our village hall.

A small scene on “New Walmington Pier” in 009 by Dave.

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