Radio Controlled 0-16.5

One of our members has regularly been displaying new 0-16.5 models that have been built for his garden railway. They operate by radio control, the battery power pack are usually stored in a van towed behind the loco. Geoff Grumble enjoys using second hand chassis where possible and to repair or modify them for the model under construction even to the extent of adding new machined parts. Here are a few photo of his work recently:-

A 2-4-2 tank loco based on a North British design in primer paint.
The loco nearly finished and in blue livery towing the power pack van.
A Smallbrook Studio guards van with Dapol chassis.
Picture under construction of a 0-4-2 inspired by the TR ex-Corris Sir Haydyn. It runs on a shortened Hornby 0-6-0 with new machined cylinders.
The loco nearly finished.
Freelance diesel on a re-built second hand Tri-Ang chassis with new motor and coupling rods.
Freelance diesel rail bus built on modified Hornby 0-6-0 chassis with Lime front bogie.
Front view of the rail bus.

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