Gn15 Adventure chapter 2 (an ongoing project)

This article continues from chapter 1, as there was a "blip" in that article.


This is the footbridge that takes passengers from the platform and on to the lane that leads to "Longstone Hall".  It looks quite a simple structure, but was difficult to make with the steps etc., and also because the flight of steps will be on the adjoining base board .

This is "Proteus" posed at the station with the bogie coach.  In the distance up on the hill is Longstone Hall.  A "goods shed" was made from foam board with weatherboarding made with coffee stirrers. The roof has roofing felt made from toilet paper covered in p.v.a.  The cottage garden now has flowers made from screwed-up tissue paper, shaped and painted sequins, and parts of a plastic floral decoration.

The picket fencing is Lemax.  

"Triton" passes with a train of bulkhead wagons.

At the village store fruit and veg are on sale, some items from a Pola Potato Stall kit.  The street lamps are extended Lemax models.

"Jiro" peeps into this scene looking up Chapel Street.

The VW Type 2 van is a Motor Max model satin varnished and weathered.

The completed bridge over the stream on the new scenic board to be named "Fox Gill".  

Stone piers were made from 3mm mdf with scribed Das modelling clay.  I had six sections, all painted first, which were glued under the ply surface.  A Evergreen 9.5mm girder was used across the span then some concrete sections were made up to support the railings, these are Lemax products, but I have carefully joined two sections together on each side.

The grey sheets behind are Heki Rock Foils, the start of the rock faces for the sides of the gill.

The rock faces at Fox Gill under construction.  We have used a mixture of fine sawdust, pva, acrylic grey (to colour the mixture) and lightweight household filler, scribed whilst still wet.  We are trying to make it blend-in with the Heki Rock Foil.  The materials have been used to keep everything light in weight.

Ace loco driver Angus running through the rock cutting with "Proteus".  The rocks have been finished in this photo but the track has yet to be weeded up. 

Continuing round the bend "Proteus" crosses the stream at Fox Gill.

Down in the Gill it is wet and damp, full of moss, overhanging branches and ferns.  The little waterfall (made with clear sealer) needs enhancing I think.

This is the other half of the passenger platform. The loco is a new kid on the block, another Smallbrook "Columbine", No.4, named "Delta".  Angus is testing her before being put into service.  

The passenger shelter is another building made with a foam board shell and coffee stirrers, with balsa wood corner posts.  The valance is a 7mm scale item made by York Model Making.  There will be some benches, when they arrive, and the waiting figures need re-painting.



I have been able to build a few new items of rolling stock.  In this view are a covered van, oil tanker wagon and two new bulkhead flat wagons, all Sidelines kits.

This is a peek inside the maintenance shed where Charlie and Dave are restoring two (supposed) ex-Decauville four-wheeled coaches (Smallbrook kits).

Trees under construction made from "Ribes" bush stem and Woodland Scenics 3"-5" Tree Armatures.  The tree armatures plastic pivot was cut off, and segments of 2.5mm wire was drilled and glued into the trunk with about 15mm left as a stem.  These were glued into holes in the "trunk" with 2-part epoxy adhesive.   

The trees being worked on.  On the left the bare tree has been painted (dry-brushed) with acrylics.  On the right, foliage is being added using two shades of Woodland Scenics Foliage and trees leaves by Polak (Naturex F) added by brushing each branch with diluted pva and gently pressing the leaves into the glue.

These are underscale for 1:24, but are the largest I have found so far.

Another peep inside the maintenance shed one evening where loco number 5 stands in the quite.  The paint job is now well underway.

It is a Smallbrook Studios "Katie" kit with wider front cabsheet scratch built from plasticard.

This is the front wall of part of the woollen mill under construction.

I used Slaters 7mm Dressed Stone glued onto 5mm foamboard and added large 7mm scale windows and headers made by York Modelmaking.  This wall is 465mm wide x 203mm high.


Longstone Gn15 Mill buildings

Two of the Mill buildings nearly complete, now painted using seven Humbrol colours for the walls and three acrylic colours on the roofs.  

The next task is to add a small third building, extra details in the yard and also ground cover.


We have now added low clear acrylic perspex screens.  These have scenic materials glued on the inside of the perspex sheets giving the scenery and extra layer.  They are intended to stop stock falling off while also allowing the onlooker to see over the top without the reflections high screens can give.  At eye level the screens are virtually invisible.

Longstone Gn15 scale


The "Spring Mill" board has progressed enough to take a few posed photos.  Here "Proteus" shunts new supplies into the mill siding near the company office/stores building.

"Delta" is seen shunting raw materials into the sorting shed.  The halt in the foreground is for mill workers only. 

The corrugated iron roof is a home-made test attempt using foil trays.  The lamps are Lemax products made higher by adding brass tube to the bases.

"Triton" is seen leaving the yard.

My wife built the wall, and added all the scenic items.

Birds and animals mainly cut from Lemax figurines have now been painted, we have here a dipper, song thrush, chaffinch, green finch, starling, blackbird and sparrows.  Rabit and red squirrel, crows, jay and a collared dove.  Some of them are not to the correct scale nor are they the right shape, but it they will be scattered around the layout and perhaps differences won't be so noticeable.

Here we have moorland sheep (Preiser) and squirrels (Lemax), a cat, rabbit, fox and labrador type dog from Vivid Arts Miniature World and an english setter from a toy farm.



This unruly lot are the latest figures for Longstone.  Little Eric (on the seat) is always messing around in the area. Then Frank, because frankly he is not tall enough, he looks good driving "Triton".  Zoe in the red skirt suit, she's the neighbourhood sweetheart and is often to be seen at Longstone Hall with one of the young men there, Yvonne works in the office at the Mill.  Ivan and Howard also work at the mill.  Gregory on the right-hand end is a new loco driver.

Here is a new bogie vehicle, mainly built of card.  Half open passenger carriage and half guard's van.

It is a Norfolk Heath card kit with added guards compartment and York Modelmaking valancing, with bogies by Parkside. 


In January 2018 the whole layout was given a test run at our NSNGM meeting, albeit without it's side curtain which has still to be sorted out.  The trains, electrics and couplings all performed well, but we had a few difficulties erecting the layout in an orderly way due to the two back-to-back boards being joined together and suspended between the end boards.  This needs some modification .....and practice. 

No.1 "Proteus" passes the end of the village street with a works train. 

"Proteus" is seen again with a short passenger train slowing into the station. 

No.2 "Jiro" is crossing the bridge at Fox Gill. 

Rounding the bend and leaving Fox Gill is "Proteus" with a goods train. 

No.4 "Delta"is receiving water in the mill yard.

No.5 "Quinto" slows into the mill halt to pick up the works foreman.