Quartet of layouts at Lowmex October 2016

Four members took narrow gauge layouts to the Lomex Exhibition at Ormiston Denes Academy, Lowestoft on 23rd October.  As usual there were lots of exhibits, working traction engines, steam locomotiives, model planes, model railways, buses and ships to name a few.

The NSNGM layouts displayed were SHIPMEADOW (009), GNEISS CIDER (GN15), KNIGHTS YARD (1:16TH) and on the Southwold Railway Society stand was THE HERONRY (Nn3)




A slightly modified Minitrains Bohler locomotive is seen shunting the goods siding at Shipmeadow


Beccles and Bungay Railway number 3 arrives at Shipmeadow with a short train.


A posh lady arrives near the Cider shop at Gniess Cider with her own IC loco it appears, and new shoes too!



Arrriving with more lovely apples is a Vitacress Watercress IC loco.  


Knights Yard was a very busy place when I visited, as usual, loads of details to see.


Stewart was helping to man the Southwold Railway Society stand and was displaying his pizza style layout The Heronry in the tiny Nn3 scale.

Here, No 4 "Wenhaston" is on a mixed train.

The original photo I took was not good, so I am substituting this one instead.