Hubbards Halt - a Work in Progress (009 scale)

Hubbards Halt



"Hubbards Halt" at our recent Fund Raising Exhibition Sept.2016.







"Hubbards Halt" is my first narrow gauge model railway after being interested now for the last couple of years.  I saw an advert for the new Norfolk & Suffolk Group in "009 News" and thought I would go along to the meetings to find out more.

I did actually buy a couple of models way back in 1972, one being a Peco "James" Saddle Tank, when I had the mind to do something - but I never did!

"Hubbards Halt" is a rural layout with a small country station serving the local community.  It's amazing what you can do in a small space in 009 scale, at present I have modelled a cattle siding, small cattle field, a fortified wall which hides the fiddle yard, part of an old quarry, cottage and garden, a rock face where climbers train, the passenger station with two platforms, a small car park, and a small recreation area with toilet block.

Polystyrene blocks, and cardboard were used to form the hillside and the rock outcrop.  The buildings are scratch built because I am interested in making my own models, they are a lot lighter than many other models.  The cottage is also scratch built and I used to live in one just like this in my youth (don't ask how long ago please!).


My Peco loco hauling a single passenger coach in the early days of the layout (early 2015).  The cottage roof wasn't thatched then and the station had to be developed.




The initial board was only 2ft x 3ft but was found to be too small to get a decent looking landscape on, so I extended it to 2ft x 4ft.  This turned out to be OK to do a lot of learning on, and the layout is still being developed.


The original smaller board when the layout was first built.





Another early picture with a George England style tram loco and Parkside Dundas coaches.  The station arrangement is still being developed.


Later in 2015, the baseboard had been extended with an extra loop in the station, giving more space for the buildings.




I have added little scenes, cameos and details as I've come across ideas, and they seem to have blended in well.  The layout will get some more development, such as isolating parts of the track and possibly some lighting, but this will happen on the way.  I have two home-made scenes, which are the man up a ladder mending the station light, and the broken-down Morris Eight with an AA man in attendance.




The station area in late 2016 with a stricken Morris Eight getting attention.  A Glyn Valley Beyer Peacock loco brings in a short goods train.


I have made trestles for the layout and a lighting system that I hope will do the trick, and I have now added a hand-painted backscene.  I am still picking-up ideas from magazines and other members of the Group on the way.

Locos have progressed from the old Peco "James", I now have tram locos and railbuses and an assortment of carriages and wagons which are ideal for the rural setting.


A Teebee Models 3D printed kit on a Kato 4-wheeled tram chassis displayed on the Group test track.








Hubbards Halt in Sept. 2016 with a York Model Making R&ER "Flower of the Forest" tram loco passing with a goods train.





The 4ft x 2ft board fits well on an ironing board under a spotlight in my living room - nicely accessible.

Work continues...................