Ashfield Green (009 scale)

Ashfield Green was built for the Groups 2015 Challenge - to build a narrow gauge layout with a scenic area of just two square foot, the equivalent to 288 sq. inches.

The total layout length is 4ft 5", by 9"wide.  The base board, built from 6mm MDF, has a simple single track sector plate off-scene in the fiddle yard on the right hand side.  The track layout cleverly contains a passenger terminus, loco facilities, a carriage shed, small goods yard for freight and a siding to the local corn and seed merchants. 

The rural terminus is inspired by the North Suffolk countryside and this is reflected in the buildings.  The largest building, the corn and seed merchants is built with card walls covered with Howard Scenics brick paper, the roof is Wills plain tiles.  The railway cottage is built with a Hornby "Clarabelle" carriage with Wills sheet and batten roof.  The station building uses part of a Heljan kit - the front wall and the canopy valance, but the sides and back are Evergreen sheet, and it has a Wills Corrugated Iron roof.  The carriage shed is made from Evergreen sheet and sections with Wills Corragted Iron roofing.  The engine shed has Wills clapboard walls with Wills corrugated iron roof all mounted on a card plinth with brick paper.  

The loco's run are tram locomotives (white metal kits) based on the reliable Kato 11-103 "N" gauge chassis.  4-wheel passenger coaches are Parkside Dundas kits.  The railcars are scratch built using Parkside Dundas coach sides and Kato chassis, and the goods stock are Parkside Dundas kits and also many 009 Society Flat Wagon kits with scratch built fittings and loads.




Scratch built railcar and luggage/brake van arrives at the passenger platform.  The layout cleverly appears larger than it actually is!









The loco facilities with engine shed, water tower and coal storage, and beyond, the carriage shed.  Both buildings have been partly modelled to fit the area allowed, but portrays a much lager station area.  The end of the loop is replaced by the sector plate in the fiddle yard. 








A tram loco rolls forward to run round it's train.  Note the old railway carriage abode once quite popular around the countryside.

The end of the goods siding is also visible with coal staithes for the village of Ashfield Green







A Gem vari-kit loco with tram skirts is seen shunting the corn and seed merchants siding across the lane at the left-hand end of the layout.