The Whitsend Tramway

The Whitsend Tramway was built in 2006 and 2007 and exhibited 44 times from 2007 to 2015.  It has now been sold to a new home in Essex.


The layout was inspired by the North Yorkshire coast villages of Runswick Bay, Staithes and Sandsend near Whitby, it was built on three boards each 100cm x 56cm.  Track was Peco irregular sleepered track laid on foam underlay, with the turnouts controlled by wire-in-tube.

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From the fiddle yard under the rear central cliff, the trains run behind the Royal Hotel then pass "Grinkle Farm" where Sharp Stewart tram loco "Luther" appears.









"Leviathan" and goods train arrives at "Whitsend Station",  The station building was made from a modified Wills Chapel, and the tea room next door from another Wills kit - the Taxi Mens Hut.








The main village centre.  The Royal Hotel is a model of the public house in Runswick Bay and the shop is from Robin Hood's Bay just down the coast, both scratch built.








"Lottie" and goods train is seen at "Two Bridges".

The tall high-gabled building in front of the cliff is Beck Loft and next door but not visible was the Chapel, both models of buildings in Runswick Bay.








We then see the inner harbour area with tram loco "Leviathan" and goods train.

The harbour buildings are from photographs of some that once existed in Staithes.








Trains then pass the quayside.  Passenger stock is made up of modified Egger Bahn OEG coaches,  

The fishing boats were resin models, either expensive Harburn Hamlet items or very cheap models bought in a souvenir shop in Mundesley, Norfolk.






Trains then pass the small engine shed and carriage shed.

A Paul Windle Shrap Stewart tram is at the water tower.








Most trains then stop at "Thorndale Halt" before passing under the road bridge.








Running along the rear of the layout, trains then pass behind the Harbour Garage before re-entering the fiddle yard.








Buildings are a mix of modified kits, sctratch built items and re-painted Hornby Skaledale items.  The scratch built ones are from photographs of actual buildings then carefully painted in the shades of sand and brown tones typical of the sandstone in the area.  Scenic items, the back scene, trees, bushes and flowers were added by my wife.  We then added many figures, animals and birds from the Langley Models range.

The layout won nine "best of show" awards and another memorial cup during the time it was exhibited.