February 2016 Running Day

At our Running Day on 6th February there were seven layouts plus many new models. We had an interesting meeting, and also tried some "on-board" video filming with a tiny video camera, and once the footage has been edited we will post the video on this article.




A gathering of railcars.  Along the back line are James's 0-16.5 continental models including an articulated railcar, a conversion from a Solido Paris bus, and a railcar based on a Billard Autorail.  The 009 items are a Ford 12 seat railbus partly using a horse tram coach body from Graham, a mini railbus utilising a Worsley Works Southwold coach body from Stewart, a Rusby's Resins model from Jim and at the front a Nn3 Southwold style railcar also from Stewart.





A visiting Southwold Sharp Stewart loco at Shipmeadow named "St Edmunds" by Stewart.
Also seen at Shipmeadow is a Baguley-Drewry RNAD IC loco which has been earmarked for a future project by Richard.
Graham brought along a new baseboard and some structures for Grayline Miniature Models.
Stewart also showed his Nn3 scale automatic pizza layout "The Heronry".
Alan brought along a section of his La Garita Hills Railroad (0-n30 scale).  This is an unusual view up the line in the rear freight sidings.
This is a photo Chris's 009 layout Ashfield Green.  A tram loco has just arrived with four-wheeled stock.  Chris has modelled a typical old railway coach abode (see on the left), now neatly protected from the elements by a protective roof.
Graham ran his small 009 layout Raven Gill.  This is a view at the end of the line where an 0-6-0 is shunting in the tiny station area.
James's 0-16.5 Arendt Spitze, a small terminus in cental Europe.
A view across the station area on Jim's 009 scale Hubbard Halt.