May 2019 Meeting at Great Eastern Models

We met on 11th May for a special gathering at Great Eastern Models in Norwich.  In the upstairs room five layouts, one board under construction and one display stand were on show for visitors to the shop to see.  We would like to thank all the staff at Great Eastern for their hospitality and hope the day was a success for them too.


Two views of "Thurtey" (009) at it's second outing in a week.  In the upper photograph an NS2f diesel hauls away an empty stone train after depositing it's load into the barge at the stone pier.

The second photo is a view from the end of the passenger pier.

Stewart brought along his atmospheric "Heronry" scene in Nn3 scale, an automated or manually operated pizza layout.   

Two tram locomotives on "Ashfield Green" (009).  "Alde" a well-detailed vari-kit is seen at the loco shed, while Kerr Stuart "Lark" crosses the lane to the corn merchants siding.  

An 0-4-2 Porter is seen on the first board of Neville's new DCC On30 project, and at the other end of the board, a Climax with logging bolsters.  The track is by Micro Engineering.

This meeting was a good opportunity to display a new 009 layout: "Shortwaite Hill".  Here in the top photo, two Minitrains wing tank locos are seen at Shortwaite Station.  It seems the railway company are trying different ways of steaming locomotives up the gradients as they are both facing in different directions!

Lower photo: Down the hill in Stonegate is "Willow", a Bagnall Saddle Tank with a short goods train. 

Bill brought his 1:16 scale shunting puzzle "Little Ease".  Here, wagons - all scratch built - are arranged after another brain-teaser.

In the lower photo are the typically untidy stores bays with a loco passing at the rear.

Some of Stuarts 1:24 models using laser cut card and mdf.  Even iron railings can be made, these are going to be installed on his loco maintenance yard layout.

In the lower photo are a fireless loco, and laser cut brick walls, water tank, coaches and a "night soil" model from one of our group challenges.