5th OPEN DAY EXHIBITION 2nd March 2019

We held our 5th exhibtion on Saturday March 2nd and it was again a successful show where we had 262 visitors.

12 layouts were exhibited, supported by 6 trade and society stands including Narrow Planet and the 009 Society Sales, a modelling demonstration by Alan Fuller and our annual group modelling Challenge made up the show.  Refreshments were again provided by girls from Great Yarmouth Brass Band for which we thank them again for their support.

In fact, we thank everybody who came, the exhibitors, traders and group helpers.

Here are several photos from the event:-

(Click on images to enlarge) 







English scenic country side well modelled by John Thorne along with interesting locomotives.  The railway serves a pottery and a canal.





This 7mm scale layout is set somewhere in middle England and depicts the non tramway section of a general carrier using a wide variety of stock.









A large scale industrial narrow gauge layout in 1:24 scale featuring working side tippers. 


Alan uses plasticard and card to construct a variety of quality scratch built models from 4mm to 1:24 scale.








A unique layout built for the Wessex Narrow Gauge Modellers 30th anniversary and has a track plan in the form of a "30", it has been updated and modified.  The stone jetties cater for passengers from a ferry across the estuary, and dredging debris is loaded into wagons on the far pier. 



Derek Reeve constantly updates Wendsleydale with new and topical features, and this is a very amusing layout.  It looks like the American mice contingent has decided to start constructing a wall with their leader's sanction to keep out certain critters.






This sectional layout features several aspects of slate mining complete with a working incline, and ropeway.








Another atmospheric scene, this 009 layout unusually set in winter time, is packed with small scenic features and some strange locomotives.

















Large scale in a very small space (2.75 sq. ft.), "Little Ease" is a deceptively simple shunting puzzle layout.  Mainly built with stripwood, card, and discarded material, superbly weathered, all by Bill Knight.





This layout features the picturesque village of Thornley Basset along an initially old industrial line saved by preservationists in the 1970's and now a thriving tourist attraction.






Kindly standing-in for the day, Peter Cady brought his neat continental layout Petersdorf.  Amongst the modern daily diesel services is a type U steam tank locomotive 298.52. 









This layout depicting a track and engineering works in central/eastern Europe has been designed deliberately to be simple and reliable.  It also shows what can be built in 7mm scale in a smallish space.








This layout also shows what can be achieved scenically in a small space.  The small village of Nibley Knoll is served by two railways, a main line with station and goods sidings, and a tramway at higher level serving another village higher in the hills.


This year the challenge was to build a narrow gauge railway vehicle using a die-cast road vehicle or vehicles. 

Visitors to the show could vote for their favourite model. 






The trophy was won by C. Seago for his Fordson Tractor locomotive in 09 scale partly inspired by an original conversion by R. Hudson of Leeds.  The rear wheels of the die-cast model have also been used as a wagon load.

(Below) Also pictured alongside is an 009 scale version by John Thorne from the same influence. 

A Diesel Mobile Refreshmant Van in 009 by G. Watling.

This uses a 1960's Matchbox Toys Lesney TV service van,  The interior is fully fitted with sink, shelves, tea cups and plates, a boiler....and cakes.

Runs on a Kato 104 chassis.

A Narrow Gauge Tram in 009 by S. Hughes.

Inspired by the Seaton Tramway in Devon, slightly underscale, but seems to match Seaton's scaled down trams.  Runs on a Kato 103 tram chassis.

A Railway Workmans Bus in 009 by M. Swan.

A Lledo bus body turned into a workmens transport.  Runs on a Kato chassis.

A Maintenance of Way Van & Trailer in 009 by R. Doe.

Uses an Oxford Commer Q25 Lyons Ice Cream Van with added exhaust, tow-bar, scribed side door, and roof rack.  Powered with a Caramel motor bogie fitted into the modified chassis.


..... and Santas Little Helpers in approx. 009 by J. Bamber.

A conversion of a Christmas decoration with three small carriages.  Runs using a Kato 103 chassis.