December 2018 Meeting

We had our first Saturday "winter" meeting at Barsham on December 1st and about 14 members attended plus a couple of guests on the day.  It was a "do anything day", all sorts of things were going on: new purchases were displayed, some were working on models, or testing layouts, plus we had videos of narrow gauge on the TV.

James brought along his new 0-16.5 layout, a Ruritanian track and engineering works.  He has used just one main scenic baseboard for most of the track with an extra small fiddle-yard board at the rear limiting the baseboard joints to get better running qualities. 

The layout is 1.3m (4ft 3") x 1m (3ft 3") and the controllers/transformers are hidden in the main building.  He used the day to test run the layout.    

This Backwoods 009 scale model is of a Fowler 0-4-0ST Plantation loco with tender.  The motor is in the tender, with a transmission drive to the lcoco wheels.

Shown by Bertie, it was given a test run on Graham's "Shortwaite Hill" layout before final details are to be added, mainly in the cab. 

Chris brought along "Abbots Yard" a small 009 scale shunting puzzle layout.  Modified Kerr Stuart Skylark loco named "Lark" is seen pulling forward to the headshunt.

Chris has also been trying two track building techniques for a future 09 scale layout.  Both types are shown here along with a scratch built loco and Avalon wagons under construction.

Graham was test running his new 009 layout "Shortwaite Hill", here seen running with two Minitrains Bagnall's on the lower section: "Rowan" is shunting the goods siding at Stonegate Station, and "Hazel" is appearing from the tunnel on a mixed train.  The layout is based on a Cyril Freezer plan, but the  adapted to run as a continuous run or as an "end-to-end" line. 

More excellent modelling and weathering from Bill with this 1:16 scale water tower and old storage shed made with stripwood and card.

Barry brought along a set of three baseboards with track that he had just purchased.  About 12ft long complete, it was designed for a water works layout in 0-14 scale with hand built track and mechanical turnout control.

Martin displayed and ran his very portable Cuban Gn15 scale layout.  He now changes the appearance to a Barbados scene as he has been scratch building a loco based on a Baldwin 0-4-0 from the island with a Hornby 0-4-0 chassis minus the running plate.

He has also been building this strange shunting engine inspired by the original Tallylyn Railway No.5 from the 1950's.

Another Gn15 layout under construction is this engine and coach shed scene by Stuart.  Buildings are from laser cut mdf, and seen on the middle track is a scratch built fireless loco using a Hornby 0-4-0 chassis.

Richard was building a 009 scale open wagon and also brought along several recent 009 models.  The wagons on the left are two Peco "Arnolds Sands" special edition Open Wagons.  The cottage and large modern image wagons are for a 1990's set Scottish project.

Ray displayed some of his 0-16.5 scale Lynton & Barnstaple style wagons and scratch built diesel loco.