July 2018 Meeting

About eight of us met at Barsham on 2nd July.  There were several models on display, plus we had a short discussion amongst which was announced the winning votes for next years Open Day challenge.  This was to build a working model using a die-cast vehicle as a basis.

Here are a few photos from the meeting (click on images to enlarge)

This is Beccles & Bungay Railway loco No.12 displayed by Richard, the new Bachmann Baldwin weathered and in service.





Also displayed was "Thurtey", a unique layout with the track plan spelling the number "30".  It is second hand and is being restored by Richard.  A re-painted back scene board and additional scenery have been added for a more three-dimensional appearance. 

The quayside scene features three small piers shown in the top photo, the middle photo shows the passenger ferry jetty being used, and in the bottom photo a railcar appears from the fiddle yard through the back scene. 

James brought along this freelance G scale diesel running on 45mm track, with scratch built body and running well on a second hand chassis.

Stuart displayed more unusual items made by his Norfolk Heath Works.  A 1:7 scale open passenger car, steel frets for a slate wagon, and more modules, with a new type featuring a bridge section. 

Bill has built a new baseboard with a sector plate and three sidings, creating a shunting puzzle for five wagons in 1:16 scale.  Buildings will be dilapidated sheds to give the layout character. 

These new 009 models were displayed by Graham.  

A Kitson style tram loco (Shapeways 3d print) with Dundas 4 wheeled coaches and a station building currently being painted, made from lowered Ratio Grand Junction sections. 

They are planned to go on a new tramway layout.


Jim was displaying new 009 stock. 

A breakdown train with mobile crane and works wagon.  The mess compartment is fully fitted out and the wagon contains tools, a barrow etc. and spilt paint.

Norfolk Heath bogie coaches in simulated teak livery.

And two newly acquired 3d printed summer cars.