Longstone (1:24 15" gauge ((or Gn15))

After many years modelling in 009 scale, Graham has built a Gn15 scale project.  Before embarking on a full exhibition layout, he built an operating diorama - a maintenance shed - with a tiny hidden fiddle yard and two sidings leading to the maintenance shed, this gave a good opportunity to get the feel of the much larger scale he was dealing with.  The Heywood style 15" gauge line runs entirely within a country estate somewhere in the North Yorkshire Moors, and it's principal traffic is to and from the woollen mill, bringing in large raw wool sacks and supplies for the mill and taking out finished products after weaving.  The line also transports visitors to nearby Longstone Hall and general goods, parcels, fruit and vegetables for the small village.  The layout is 2.4m long by 1m wide and has three scenes using a central back scene, the wool mill, the village and a stream in a "gill" with moorland.