November 2017 at the Bure Valley Railway

There were a Group of sixteen attending the Bure Valley Railway this year including a couple of special guests.  We had the same arrangement as last year with a trip to Wroxham and back hauled by locomotive No. 9 "Mark Timothy", then lunch in the Whistlestop Cafe followed by a tour around the sheds by Andrew Barnes and at the end of the afternoon our informal meeting in the lecture/training room. 


No. 9 a few minutes before leaving Aylsham on 11th November where we observed two minutes silence to honour our fallen and injured on Armistice Day.

No 9 "Mark Timothy" seen on the Wroxham turntable.   Originally built by Winson Engineering in 1999, but found to be unsuitable for the line and rebuilt by Alan Keef Ltd to a Leek & Manifold appearance.

A Group photo at Aylsham - a bit drier than last year!

2-6-2 No.7 "Spitfire" of 1994 and built by Winson Engeering under heavy overhaul in the workshops.

Coach No.15 in the running shed.  Most coach bodies have now been overhauled with their frames modified and strengthened and their roofs re-made.

The coaches will soon have a new repair shed of their own near the site of the turntable.

The ever-reliable and easy to drive Guest Engineering No.1 "Wroxham Broad",  limited these days to shuttles, short trains and double-heading as it is slightly under-powered for main train duties.

Beyond is No.8 "John of Gaunt" another 2-6-2 assembled at the Bure Valley Railway workshops from parts supplied by Winson Engineering.

"ZB" 2-6-2 No. 6 "Blicking Hall" of 1994 outside the running shed.

This is the beautiful Narrow Planet (NPL-011) Bagnall Side Tank kit displayed by Richard. 

A new Minitrains Schneider Locotracteur in grey (1051) displayed by David.

Another new Minitrains product is this Decauville Progres loco, this is the green version (1081), also displayed by David.

Stewart displayed these locos and is hoping to build 5.5mm scale Southwold Railway 3ft gauge locos.

The basis for the chassis will be an H0 scale Electrotren GWR

0-6-0 green Steam locomotive (GV2017) which appears to be a very good runner, while using the white metal bodies bought secondhand to represent the Sharp Stewart bodies.

This is a 7mm scale scratch built coach made by Geoff in plasticard on an old Tri-Ang chassis for his garden line.

Andrew displayed this Heljan (9950) Lynton & Barnstaple loco "Yeo" 2-6-2T Manning Wardle photographed in front of the Bachmann Branchline L&BR style station building on his layout under construction. 

Stephen brought along three 09 scale IC locos.  The light brown loco is an A1 Models Hunslet in brass, the others are Avalon Line freelance deisels, all on Kato 103 4w tram chassis.

Stuart brought along some laser-cut self assembly modules from his Norfolk Heath Works, ideal for small scale narrow gauge layouts.  They are approx. 15" x 11" and there is a common track exit position marked, so they should match-up with the next module. 

This is "Longstone Maintenance Shed" an operational diorama in 1:24, 15" gauge brought for an outing.  

No.1 "Proteus" is seen at the headshunt with two open coaches.

These are all Smallbrook Models kits.