October 2017 Meeting

We had a well attended meeting on October 2nd in Barsham, a nice selection of locomotives, rolling stock, books and layout boards were displayed, and also some 4mm scale laser cut Corris Slate Fencing available from Stuart's Norfolk Heath Works (which I failed to get a photograph of).

Click on photos to enlarge

John displayed this 3d printed Kerr Stewart style Tattoo tram loco in 009 scale on a Kato 4-wheeled chassis.

Bill was displaying some 1:32 scale rolling stock that he built about 20 years ago, all made with scrap wood and card.

Stuart brought along his 009 layout which is now nearing completion.  The hill in the background (which hides the fiddle yard) features nice Skaledale stone buildings as yet un-fixed.  The stock is Glyn Valley Tramway and features a Fourdees tram loco with Peco four-wheeled stock.

This Bachmann on30 Climax was displayed by Neville and is one of five new locos he has purchased after changing scales.

Wait for one to come along, and three turn-up at once!  Two more American Climax hardware was displayed by Alan.

This miniscule 009 scale (Rod Allcock) Ruston LA loco was displayed by Richard, now in it's dark green "contractor's company" livery.

Now for something completely different.  A derelict French building in G scale built by Alan(2) for a diorama competition made from wood and card.

Graham brought along a baseboard and new Smallbrook Studio loco for his Gn15 layout "Longstone".  This is the woollen mill board with the buildings nearly finished.  For the walls he used Slaters 7mm dressed stone on a foam board shell with 7mm York Modelmaking laser cut windows.