August 2017 Meeting

Our August meeting was well-populated with fifteen attendies including one or two visitors who we hope will get some inspiration from some of the models displayed.  Two layouts, many locomotives and items of rolling stock were displayed.  We had a short discussion about up-coming events and things we would like to do.  Alan was displaying several of his On30 locomotives from "La Garita Hills RR".   Neville K visited us, he is hoping to return to 009 modelling, and he brought with him several old Egger and Liliput items in very good original condition.

Here are some of the features of the evening:-


Richard brought along this early Fourdees 009 ready -to- run freelance loco which was a limited edition model, perhaps based on an Barclay design.


He also displayed a modified Knightwing diesel loco built on a Rivarossi chassis, my photo was blurred, but I am using it for the record.

James recently bought several bare baseboards, so he has created a long layout with the boards in 7mm narrow gauge with a fenland "Wisbech & Upwell" feel and has named it "Fenwell".

Here, a local train is seen at the country station. 

Three Bachmann Toby the Tram locos have been utilised for the layout, two of which are seen near UP Beet Farms loading shed. 

Bill has made a 1:16 replica of a 71/4" gauge bulkhead flat wagon from the Langley School Railway.

While at our meeting, he was making wooden fruit boxes from stripwood.

Graham displayed his recent models in Gn15 (1:24): Smallbrook Studio models of a "Katie" loco kit with modified front and rear cab sheets, and two Decauville "Inspection Coaches" adapted for passenger use.

It's a long time since Graham bought a 009 loco, his first Minitrains model, a Bagnall in black livery.

Barry brought along some quite old models from his earlier days modelling, Peco 0-16.5 kits, several of them modified with goods sections.


He also displayed a 7mm scale, mainly "09" minimum space layout in a wooden case, only 58cm x 32cm.  It was built with his brother, and depicts a section of a fruit packing factory, very detailed.

The layout has two gauges, dual gauge track, 3 turnouts, and a traverser, creating various stopping places to provide operational interest.

These 009 scale short bogie coaches are 3D printed models produced by Stuart as "Norfolk Heath Works".  The left-hand one is made by Richard and is now part of his "Beccles and Bungay Railway" stock, the one on the right has been finished by Stuart.  The coaches are supplied with bogies, wheels, and glazing material.

Stuart has also produced this SM32 scale Corris wagon of which this is a prototype on display.